200g milk chocolate

200g milk chocolate

200g bar of 32% cocoa extra-fine milk chocolate
(gluten-free recipe)



Milk chocolate with an intense colour and full, rounded aroma; the milky notes combine with a smooth, intense cocoa sensation to form a delicious flavour that really lingers on the palate. Gluten-free recipe.

Nutrition table

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy2317 kJ - 555 kcalFat34,2 g
Fibre1,6 gof which Saturated fatty acids20,3 g
Protein8,2 gCarbohydrates52,9 g
Salt0,0 gof which Sugar51,7 g

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  • Mid-morning snack

    Mid-morning snack

    An original "sandwich" of dry biscuits soaked in coffee and a delicate milk chocolate cream

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    Fun filled biscuits with a delicious dark chocolate coating

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  • Rochées


    Delicious little chocolate balls with a tasty mix of pistachios, almonds, cereals and candied fruit on the inside

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  • Cappuccino special

    Cappuccino special

    A deliciously sophisticated, intense blend of coffee cream and light milk chocolate cream

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  • Home-made cookies

    Home-made cookies

    Traditional chocolate cookies with hazelnut meal, great for breakfast or afternoon tea

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  • Milk chocolate kisses

    Milk chocolate kisses

    Traditional short hazelnut biscuits from Piedmont with a delicious milk chocolate cream filling

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  • mousse with prosecco geleè

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  • triple chocolate dessert

    triple chocolate dessert

    Gourmets and fluffy layers of 3 chocolate mousse, on the basis of sponge cake with chocolate

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