Milk chocolate kisses

Milk chocolate kisses

Traditional short hazelnut biscuits from Piedmont with a delicious milk chocolate cream filling

time required:[ 50min. ] servings:x
difficulty level:[ difficult ] vote!x 60


  • Mix for the biscuits


Mix the soft butter with the sugar, flour and toasted hazelnut powder, add the salt and the vanilla (picture 1). Leave to rest for 30 minutes (picture 2).

Take the mix and form balls all of the same size, using a pastry mould (picture 3). Place a baking sheet on a baking tray and place the balls on top of it.
Press down slightly so as to flatten the bottom side.

Bake at 170° for 10-12 minutes. Leave to cool and join two balls by spreading the milk chocolate melted at 30° on the flat side (picture 4).

Photo of the end result (picture 5).


  • Using egg whites

    When you roll the mix into balls and realise it's too dry, add a tiny amount of egg white to bind the ingredients together.

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