triple chocolate dessert

triple chocolate dessert

Gourmets and fluffy layers of 3 chocolate mousse, on the basis of sponge cake with chocolate

time required:[ 60min. ] servings:x 6
difficulty level:[ medium ] vote!x 65
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Custard: Combine the milk, sugar and egg yolk. whisk the ingredients together, cook into the oven and divide the the mixture into 3 equal parts. (image n°1).

Dark chocolate mousse: heat the custard and add the gelatine and then add the chopped dark chocolate. Fold in the whipped cream and gently using a spatula. (image n°2).

 Place the disk of the sponge cake in the bottom of the glass. (image n°3). Pour the dark chocolate cream over it and leave to cool in the fridge (image n°4).

Proceed with other 2 cream alternating always a step in the fridge between one layer and the other (images 5 and 6).

Dust the surface with cocoa powder and decorate with chocolate flakes to taste. 
Photos of the final preparation (image n°7)


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